Demolition contractors continue to work on abatements to the structures at 97 and 99 Church Street, prior to the beginning of demolition work. 

This abatement work will continue for about this week and likely into early next week.

  • This week the demolition contractor is removing the temporary fence previously installed around the parking lot and replacing it with a new fence.
  • A covered walkway is being installed in front of the existing buildings on 97 and 99 Church street for pedestrian safety during demolition of the existing building.
  • Pedestrian traffic will be temporarily shifted to a temporary walkaway while the walkway is being installed.
  • We are required to daylight (expose) some of the utilities under the sidewalk along Church street prior to start of our excavation and shoring processes. This is necessary to confirm that Bell, for example, does not have any conflicts with the construction work. 
  • We expect the permit for this work to be in-hand soon and that this work will take place on August 7th
  • During this process, there will be a temporary walk-way in the curb-side lane with accessibility ramps for mobility devices.
  • We are continuing to work with the city on our permit applications and construction is still expected to start in early September.
  • We will have further updates in the coming days.

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