Demolition work continues at

The Saint.

    Most of the current work onsite is in the interior of 97-99 Church Street, which is not so easily noticeable from the viewpoint of one outside the site. 

    As we noted previously, the demolition work is being accomplished by a combination of removal by hand and machine equipment.

    No construction activity is scheduled for Saturday August 15th, nor Saturday, August 22nd.

      • Demolition is on-going and scheduled to be completed the week of August 24th.

      • Remaining hydrovac work on the sidewalks did not take place this past week and will instead take place in the coming weeks.

      • When the hydrovac work is occurring, pedestrians will be safely directed away from any areas that are impacted by it. 

        OUR NEXT UPDATE: will be posted August 24 unless there are significant changes to the work schedule onsite.

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