Backfilling at the Saint after ‘daylighting’ completed. 

This past week, crews exposed — ‘daylighted’– the Bell lines that run along Church Street. The work did take a little longer than expected due to  the rain days which made hauling material off site impossible.  However, through the week the lines were exposed and the relevant measurements taken. This morning work got started on backfilling the areas that had been dug out for the ‘daylighting’ process.

The plan is to begin repairing the sidewalk early next week. The actual date of repair will depend on weather conditions as concrete cannot be poured on rain days.

There is 24/7 security on site to maintain the pedestrian walkway until sidewalk is poured and repaired.

Next week, we expect to have the shoring contractor deliver material. Once material is on site, the contractor will start preparing their piles, for the first phase of shoring work.

For more general information on shoring please see this informative site:

Daylighting work earlier this week above & below, photos courtesy of KDMorris.

Backfilling work on site today, Ocotber 23, 2020.