Construction Activity Update for the Saint: 


Friday November 6:

  • The drill rig is scheduled to be delivered to site tomorrow but will not be in use until the splicing of the steel shoring piles is completed. Work on splicing the steel piles will continue through Friday and next week.  

Outlook for the week of November 9:

  • The splicing of the steel shoring piles will continue the week.

  • Crews will start drilling the piles into the ground, once the splicing is completed.

  • We will have an update next week.  

Access to the site:

There will be access to the site from the Lombard Street gate. 

There will also be a gate on Church Street that will come into use later this month. 

Trucks are expected to use Church Street to access the site and depart from the site, whether they use the already in use gate on Lombard Street or the future gate on Church Street. 


Time lapse view of work on site this past week: