Through December 4 crews will be drilling on site. 

  • Drilling work continued this past week and will continue through next week.
  • Material removal remains an ongoing activity.
  • We expect that drilling will continue into the month of December but we will have more details next week. 
  • There will be some level of noise and dust created during this process but every step will be taken to mitigate this.
  • Hours of work will conform to City of Toronto standards – Monday to Friday 7 am to no later than 7 pm. Saturdays, if needed, from 9 am to no later than 7 pm.
  • If Saturday work is required we will post that on the website. 
  • Shoring monitoring systems have been put in place to monitor vibrations and ensure that construction noise remains within levels that conform to City of Toronto By-Laws.
  • Noise levels from construciton are goverened by the standard City of Toronto by-laws and work hours (see above) and are not related to vibration levels. 

A vibration assessment study was completed by Grounded engineering to determine the Zone of Influence for vibration from shoring and drilling work. The map, below, was a proiduct of the that study. 

Background Vibration Testing was done prior to drilling work commencing.

  • Black squares 1 through 4 indicate the location where background vibration was tested prior to work commecing. 
  • There is currently vibration monitoring equipment located in two adjacent buildings and a third location is in process. 

REMINDER: Access to the site:

There will be access to the site from the Lombard Street gate. 

There will also be a gate on Church Street that will come into use later this month. 

Trucks are expected to use Church Street to access the site and depart from the site, whether they use the already in use gate on Lombard Street or the future gate on Church Street.