Here is the Holiday work schedule for The Saint construction site. 

Demobilization of the current equipment on site will be the focus of work on-site December 23. We expect that there will be no work on Christmas Eve, December 24th. 

Contractor HC Matcon will be on the site on December 29th, 30th, and possibly on the 31st. They will doing shoring work. We expect some noise impact during construction hours. We will post an update next week with more details and look ahead to the first full week of January.


  • Pile-driving completed this week.

  • Clean-up and equipment de-mobilization thru midweek – December 23.

  • Contractor HC Matcon on site Dec 29, 30, and 31. We expect some noise impact during construction hours. 

  • Hours of work will conform to City of Toronto standards – Monday to Friday 7 am to no later than 7 pm. Saturdays, if needed, from 9 am to no later than 7 pm.

  • Measurement systems have been put in place to monitor vibrations.

  • Noise levels from construction are governed by the standard City of Toronto by-laws and work hours (see above) and are not related to vibration levels.