Crews are digging out the site this week and next.

The initial phases of excavation work are ongoing daily. This work will continue through the coming weeks. Excavators are digging out the site and trucks are removing soil. Shoring is being installed as the base site level is lowered to ensure a secure edge condition. 

At this time we expect that work will continue on the site under the Province of Ontario’s new Stay-At-Home Orders. If this changes we will provide an update. 

We also note that Minto Communities has received several proposals for winter snow removal and they are in the process of finalizing an agreement with a selected company. We expect this agreement to be in place soon, so any accumulation of snow on the sidewalks will be removed to ensure safe access to the sidewalks around the site. 

Hours of work will generally be 7 AM through to 5 PM but may go later if required.