A new traffic management plan showing the occupation of Lombard Street will be implemented on February 4 to accommodate continued excavation work following the removal of the ramp, based on a permit approval issued by the City allowing temporary occupation of the sidewalk.

The plan for the sidewalk area on Lombard Street. Concrete jersey barriers will be set up. During construction hours, traffic control staff will be in place to safely direct pedestrians, around the truck entrance. Pedestrians will be able safely access Church Street.

  • In order to facilitate the orderly operation of the work of the next phase of excavation work, the sidewalk on Lombard Street will be set up as a designated truck access area.
  • Concrete jersey barriers will be installed to create a safe pedestrian area. 
  • During construction hours, traffic control staff will be on-site to assist with truck and vehicle movement and pedestrian safety.
  • The Church Street sidewalk will remain open during this phase of work.
  • Trucks will enter the job site moving west on Lombard. Trucks will exit the job site going west on Lombard and turning onto Church Street.
  • Diagrams of the plan are provided below.
Trucks will enter the site from Lombard Street and exit the site onto Church Street.