There will be excavation work at the Saint this Saturday, February 27.

    • Site excavation is well underway.
    • Soil removal started this week.
    • Excavation work on site will continue tomorrow, Saturday, February 27.
    • Saturday’s work will follow the City of Toronto Noise By-Laws.Ā 

Excavation is ongoing and will continue through the coming week.

As excavation continues downwards, the vertical support walls (the shoring structures visible in the picture above) are being restrengthened through the installation and strengtheningĀ  of the tieback system. The excavation crews have now reached Level 2 out of a total of 6 underground levels. This process of digging, hauling and tieback work is a continuing process. It follows the same pattern that is common to other similar sites across the City of Toronto in deeper excavations. This process ensures the safety of site workers, adjacent properties and local residents.