Excavation is the key focus of work this week at the Saint. 

Tieback installation was completed last week. 

Work on the site this week will include digging, excavating and hauling away excavated soil. The long-reach excavator, that was delivered to the site last Friday, will be in use. 

While the prospect of snow may be remote the snow removal contract for sidewalk clearing is still in place if it is needed.

Work crews will also be installing a second stair tower next week to permit workers to have improved access to the lower level of the of site. 

We will continue to start at 7 am during weekdays. 

We note that excavating and hauling the excavated soil away is an ongoing task throughout each work day. The amount excavated and hauled out and the time required to do so, within the standard construction work day, is dependent on many factors, including weather conditions. The time work ends each day may vary but will remain within the standard City of Toronto construction hours.