Excavator Removal Wednesday, April 28.
Small Mobile Crane Delivery Thursday, April 29.

Steady progress has been made on the excavation of the site at 89 Church Street. 

UPDATE: The long-reach excavator, depicted in use above, will now be removed from the site on April 28. A small mobile crane will be delivered to the site on Thursday, April 29. Both the removal of the excavator and the delivery of the small mobile crane are  ‘drive-off’ processes that should be relatively quick and cause minimal disruption. Traffic control staff will be on-site during this process.

The working ‘floor’ of the site continues to go lower, toward the P5 level. The P6 level is the final level and when that is reached, excavation will be substantially complete. As excavation progresses, workers add lagging, the wooden panels that run between the steel shoring piles, which ensure the stability of the edges of the site. 

We will post an update if there is any work scheduled for Saturday, May 1.