Drilling work and the delivery of a large mobile crane expected this week at the Saint.

As part of the next phase of excavation, some drilling will commence this week. There will be some noise from this work during construction hours. Also, a large mobile crane is expected to arrive at the site on Thursday, May 6 or Friday May 7. We will post an update later this week once the delivery date has been confirmed.  

Last week excavation work reached the P4 level and work is beginning to extend down to the P5 level. The final underground level will be P6, so the building will eventually have six underground floors. As the depth of the site continues to go lower, more lagging is added. These are the wooden panels that run between the steel shoring piles, which ensure the stability of the edges of the site.  

Work will continue to start at 7 am on weekdays this week.

The time work ends each day may vary but will remain within the standard City of Toronto construction hours.