Steel arriving on-site Thursday, June 24. Concrete work on Friday & Saturday, June 25-26. 

Thursday, June 24

Tomorrow, Thursday, June 24, steel for the concrete crane pad will arrive on the site. This delivery will require temporary occupation of one lane on Lombard Street for the flatbed semi-trailer. Rebar will be lowered using a mobile crane that will be sitting within the site.

There will be traffic control staff on-site to assist with the safe movement of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. There may be short-term disruptions for pedestrians, who may be directed to use the south side of Lombard Street to access Church Street.  

Friday, June 25 & Satruday, June 26

We expect the concrete work to commence on Friday and/or  Saturday, June 26.

NOTE: In order to ensure the safe and efficient completion of the work this weekend, we expect that work will commence at 7 am on Saturday, June 26. 

Concrete will be pumped via a concrete pump to the bottom level of the site. This concrete in combination with the steel rebar will form the base pad for the crane. The crane will be set up July 2 – 4 and we will post further details of this work next week. 

If there are changes to the work schedule for this Friday and Saturday we will post and circulate a further update. 

Reminder: Crane Setup

As we noted previously, the crane is tentatively scheduled to erected over the weekend of July 2nd, July 3rd, and July 4th. There will need to be a temporary road closure on Lombard Street to ensure the safe load in and setup of the crane.