Digging and hauling to continue into the week of July 12th.

The crane was successfully installed last Saturday, July 3rd. It will be in use as needed in the coming weeks. 

Steel Delivery Friday

A delivery of steel is scheduled for Friday, July 9th. We do not expect this to create any significant traffic issues. 

No Saturday work, this week.

There will be no work on site this Saturday, July 10th. Though we note that Saturday is a standard work day per the City of Toronto’s by-laws. Accordingly, there may be regular work on forthcoming Saturdays, when required. 

The Week of July 12th

Digging out the lowest level of the site and hauling excavated dirt will continue through the coming week.

Work Hours:

Work will continue to start at 7 am on weekdays this week.

The time work ends each day may vary but will remain within the standard City of Toronto construction hours.

The crane at 89 Church Street.