Excavators to be removed from the site, Saturday, August 7. 

A crew will be on site this Saturday to remove the excavators. They will use a temporary mobile crane  to remove the excavators. There will also be an operator onsite for the tower crane.  This will ensure the boom stays within a safe distance from the location of the mobile crane as it is lifting out the excavators.

Week of August 9:

The crew on site will be continuing with work on the lower level of the excavated site. This will include spray-foaming, waterproofing, and general site preparation for the next phase of work: surveying, accepting steel deliveries, and formwork.

The crane will be in regular operation as required. 

Work Hours

Work Work will continue to start at 7 am on weekdays this week.

The time work ends each day may vary but will generally remain within the standard City of Toronto construction hours.