Initial concrete work is underway as the site is connected to the municipal electric power supply. 

This week the first set of vertical columns were poured. Work to connect the site to the municipal electric power supply got underway on Church Street.

Saturday Work – August 28: We expect there will be a crew on site from the morning of Saturday, through the afternoon.


Electrical Work on Church Street 

The crew working on Church Street occupying the sidewalk and a lane of Church Street are contractors selected by Toronto Hydro and the City of Toronto. They are connecting the site to the electrical supply. We had expected them to start some time ago. NOTE: Their work is independent of the site construction work and the site managers are not supervising nor managing their work. 

We expect that the work to be completed by Wednesday, September 1. 


Week of August 30.

The crews will be preparing for the pouring of the concrete slab on grade that will form the lowest concrete level of the building.  The contractors working on connecting the site to full electricty service will continue to be on the east Church Street sidewalk and occupy the east traffic lane through Wednesday.

One the the electrical connection work is completed, another contractor, as selected and approved by the City of Toronto, will commence work on connecting the site to the municipal water supply. We will have more detials on this next week. 

The crane will be in regular operation as required. 

Work Hours

Work Work will continue to start at 7 am on weekdays this week.

The time work ends each day may vary but will generally remain within the standard City of Toronto construction hours.