Look Ahead for the Saint for the Week of September 7, 2021. 

The site will be closed for the Labour Day holiday weekend. Work will resume on Tuesday, September 7. There will therefore be no work on Saturday.

Look Ahead for the week of September 7th. 

The site construction crew has been working on underground drainage and this will continue into the coming week. Crews are also working on rebar, forming and pouring the initial vertical columns. We now expect that the first concrete pour for the lower level slab will get underway late next week.

Municipal Service Work:

We expect work to being next week on connecting the site to the City of Toronto municipal water supply. This will involve occupation of the Church Street sidewalk, as well as one northbound lane of Church Street. 


Work Hours

Work Work will continue to start at 7 am on weekdays this week.

The time work ends each day may vary but will generally remain within the standard City of Toronto construction hours.