Hoarding installation delayed as site servicing work continues.

No work on site this Saturday. Work will resume Monday, September 20. 

The City of Toronto approved contractors are continuing their work connecting the site to municipal services. Their work is taking longer than expected and this has delayed the intallation of the hoardings and overhead protection.

Look Ahead for the week of September 20th. 

  • The City of Toronto servicing work will contine, with activity moving to Lombard Street after work on Church is completed.
  • The concrete slab on grade is set to be completed this coming week.
  • Crews are continuing to pour concrete for the slab-on-grade at the lowest level of the site.
  • We also expect the P5 concrete slab to be completed.
Thank you to everyone who attended our Community Construction Liaison meeting on Thursday, September 16.

If you were unable to attend please feel free to send us questions at: contact@thesaintconstruction.info.

We will host another Community Consultation Meeting in one month or after the hoarding installation is in place. 

You may download our August 2021 Construction Summary by clicking here.