Concrete work & servicing work continue at the Saint.

Saturday – October 30

There is no work scheduled for this Saturday. Work will resume on Monday, November 1.  

Progress to-date:

  • Concrete work on the P5 level is completed and progress on the P4 level has been made. 
  • A significant portion of the walkway and overhead protection on Church Street has been completed.  

Look Ahead for the week of November 1

  • Concrete and rebar work will continue on the P4 level.  
  • We have been advised that OJCR the municipal serving contractors work will continue on on Lombard Street this coming week. 
  • Concrete deliveries will continue daily.

Save The Date – November 18 Construction Liaison Meeting

Our next construction liaison meeting will be held on Zoom at 3 pm, on Thursday, November 18, 2021. If your building has designated you as a representative for your building you will receive the agenda and the ZOOM Link for the meeting in early November. If your building or organization does not have a designated representative please talk to your Board and/or Property Manager. If you wish more information about the construction liaison meetings, please get in touch with us at