Toronto Hydro set to begin connecting the Saint construction site Nov. 22.

Saturday, November 20:

  • There is no work scheduled on the site this Saturday, work will resume on Monday, November 22nd.

    Progress to-date:

    • Concrete work on the P3 slab level is complete.

    Look Ahead for the week of November 22: 

    • Concrete work next week will include: Vertical columns from the P3 level to the P2 level: and work on the P2 slab floor. 
    • Site Servicing Work: Toronto Hydro is set to begin connecting the site to the municipal power supply on Monday, November 22.
    • Minto Communities’ construction managers are still waiting for an update from OJCR, the municipal serving contractors, as to their timeline to complete their work on Lombard Street.
    • Concrete deliveries will continue daily.
    • Further work on the overhead protection and hoardings and the reinstallation of the concrete Jersey barriers on Lombard Street are on hold until the completion of the municipal site servicing work. 

    Concrete Work & Crane Lights

    After every slab concrete pour, the concrete that has been poured has to be ‘finished’. This concrete finishing process is essential to the process of creating concrete floors. By necessity concrete finishing may continue into the evening, past 7 pm as may be requried. Especially at this time of year, this means adequate lighting has to be provided to ensure the work can conducted safely. The crane lights that shine down on the site will be left on until any required concrete finishing is completed.