Site activity update for the Saint Condominium project.

Saturday, November 20:

  • There was a water leak on-site this past Saturday. It was caused by a trespasser who managed to elude site security. It was resolved and security measures have been appropriately reviewed.

    Monday, November 22:

    • We note that a large flatbed temporarily occupied Lombard Street this morning, as it was preparing to the leave the site. The the Site Supervisors and Construction Management have reviewed the incident. While the flatbed was unloading it was within the boundaries of the site road closure. When it went to depart, the driver backed up eastward on Lombard when they were advised to pull out directly onto Church. The construction team will work to try to ensure this manoeuvre does not occur again.

    This week of November 22 – 26: 

    • Site Servicing Work on Lombard Street is completed.
    • Work to reinstall the concrete Jersey barriers on Lombard Street and begin to install hoardings and overhead protection is set to get underway. 
    • Concrete work next week will include: Vertical columns from the P3 level to the P2 level: and work on the P2 slab floor. 
    • Concrete deliveries will continue daily.