Work is focussed on completing the P1 level and preparing for the ground floor concrete work to come.

This week at the Saint

  • Contractors  are on standby to clear the snow around the site as may be required this week.
  • Work continues this week on the P1 level, which is being formed and poured in sections.  
  • Rebar and concrete deliveries will continue through the week.
  • Work will also soon get underway on forming the initial sections of the ground floor, which will be poured in sections through the first part of February. 

Looking Ahead:

  • The ground floor concrete slab and the vertical columns will be the main focus of work in February.
  • Minto’s construction management team is actively engaged with Toronto Hydro and Enbridge attempting to confirm when they  willl complete their required site servicing work. Once the timeline for this work is confirmed, a timeline for removing the generator and installing the Lombard Street hoardings and overhead protection will be provided.