Rebar deliveries Friday, February 25, March 1 and March 2 

Rebar Deliveries this Thursday & Friday.

  • There will be large rebar deliveries on Friday, February 25; Tuesday, March 1; and Wednesday, March 2.
  • We expect these deliveries to begin at 7 am. There will be some temporary impacts on vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Paid Duty officers will be on site to assist with directing pedestrians and vehicles. 

Concrete Pump

  • There will be a concrete pump brought to the site to ensure a faster and more efficient pour of the next major sections of concrete for the ground floor. 
    • The concrete pump may arrive on-site on Monday, February 28, but we expect that it is more likely do be deployed on Tuesday, March 1. On the positive side this will significantly speed up this segement of work, which otherwise would have resulted in very late evening work. However, it may also add the potential congestion at the congestion of equipment at the corner of Lombard and Church. There will be Paid Duty Officers and traffic warden staff on site to manage this. 

    February Construction Liasion Meeting

    • We had a successful Construction Liaison Meeting on Thursday, February 24. A representative of Councillor Wong-Tam was in attendence. The next round of work was discussed. As were efforts to mitigate construction related congestion around the site. There were concerns that traffic impacts require ongoing monitoring and mitigation, and such efforts are ongoing. Be sure to attend our March meeting by emailing us at: