Update for the week of February 28th, 2022: Steel & Concrete work.

Updated: Rebar (Steel) Deliveries Week of February 28

There is a change in the previous schedule for rebar (steel) deliveries to the site for the week of February 28th. Because of the snowfall Friday morning, February 25, only hall the required rebar (steel) was delivered to the site. So there will be an additional rebar (steel) delivery on Monday, February 28.


  • There will be large rebar deliveries on Monday, February 28; Tuesday, March 1; and Wednesday, March 2.
  • We expect these deliveries to begin at 7 am. There will be some temporary impacts on vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Paid Duty officers will be on site to assist with directing pedestrians and vehicles. 

Updated: Concrete Pump

  • There will be a concrete pump brought to the site to ensure a faster and more efficient pour of the next major sections of concrete for the ground floor. 
  • The concrete pump will arrive on-site in the afternoon on Tuesday, March 1.
  • The concrete pump will be in use on Thursday, March 3.
  • In order to accommodate and safely use the concrete pump, the site crew will need to temporarily relocate the concrete Jersey Barriers, prior to the arrival of the concrete pump on Tuesday. During the period that the concrete jersey Barries are out of position, Traffic Barrels will be placed at key points along the fence line after hours. The concrete Jersey Barriers will be reinstated on Saturday, March 5.
  • The set up is similar to the ground floor steel deliveries, as pictured above, except that the concrete pump requires stabilizers to be set in place to operate safely. These stabilizers are the reason why the Jersey Barriers have to be temporarily removed. 

Tuesday, March 1 will generally run as follows:

  • 7 am – Noon for the rebar delviery. 
  • Noon – 5 pm for concrete pump operation. 
  • Concrete Finishing is not expected to go past 7 pm, however this may be necessary if there unanticiapted delays.