Concrete Pumps at the site Wednesday, March 9 & Thursday, March 10

Street Occupation Permit approved for the Saint, today, March 7 through early April

  • This City of Toronto permit will formalize use of the lane immediately south of the current fence line during Concrete Pump use and/or during large Steel (rebar) deliveries to the site. 

Concrete Work Update, March 9 and 10

  • There will be major concrete work for the next major sections of the ground floor, on Wednesday March 9, and Thursday, March 10. 
  • This will include concrete finishing following the completion of the concrete pouring for each section. This work is not expected to go past 7 pm. 

Steel (rebar) deliveries March – April 

    • There will be regular deliveries of steel (rebar) to the site in the coming weeks, through early April. Trucks will use the lane immediately to the south of the current fence line on Lombard Street, per the just issued City of Toronto street occupancy permit.