CHANGE to the steel (rebar) delivery schedule.

REMINDER: Construction Liaison Meeting Thursday.

Updated Scheduled Steel (rebar) Deliveries 

Please Note: We have just been advised that the Steel (rebar) delivery that was scheduled for today, Monday, March 21, has been cancelled and rescheduled to tomorrow, Tuesday, March 22.

–       Tuesday, March 22

–         Thursday, March 24

These deliveries will use, as needed, the additional lane of Lombard Street, as per the Temporary Street Occupation Permit (below), leaving only one east – west lane open on Lombard during steel unloading.


Concrete Work 

As per our most recent post, the ongoing focus of concrete work for this week will be forming and pouring vertical columns rising from the Level 1 slab. A concrete pump will not be in use this week; therefore concrete deliveries will be made by concrete trucks through the course of the standard workday. 


    March Construction Liaison Meeting

    Our next Construction Liasion Meeting will be held on Thursday, March 24 at 3 pm via Zoom. If you wish to attend please email us at

    NOTE: Our next scheduled update will be posted on Wednesday March 23. If there are any major changes to the construction schedule, we will post an interim update. 

    February Construction Report

    A copy of our Construciton Summary for February is availble as a PDF by clicking here.


    • Time Period: March 7, 2022 7:00 am April 1, 2022 9:00 am
      • 5m min sidewalk/pedestrian walkway must be maintained when not hoisting.
      • Local access to all driveways, laneways, garages must be maintained at all times.
      • All traffic both vehicular and pedestrian will be halted during hoisting.
      • Existing traffic operation outside of closure is to be maintained at all times. 9.0
      • Two (2) certified traffic control persons required.
      • Applicant must maintain local accesses to all affected properties safely at all times.
      • PURPOSE:  Hoisting — Permission to occupy the right of way to facilitate 2.99T hoist of steel from flatbed into staging area.
    • Issued by the City of Toronto: Click here to reach City of Toronto Right of Way Permits