Today’s Steel Delivery Cancelled.

Updated Scheduled Steel (rebar) Deliveries 

–         Thursday, March 24 – Cancelled

There will be deliveries next week but we have yet to confirm the dates. All these large steel (rebar) deliveries will use, as needed, the additional lane of Lombard Street, as per the Temporary Street Occupation Permit (below), leaving only one east – west lane open on Lombard during steel unloading.

Concrete Work 

Concrete work has faced a setback due to the recent work stoppage by aggregate haulers. It is hoped that the concrete work schedule will return to its scheduled pace as soon as possible. 



    • Time Period: March 7, 2022 7:00 am April 1, 2022 9:00 am
      • 5m min sidewalk/pedestrian walkway must be maintained when not hoisting.
      • Local access to all driveways, laneways, garages must be maintained at all times.
      • All traffic both vehicular and pedestrian will be halted during hoisting.
      • Existing traffic operation outside of closure is to be maintained at all times. 9.0
      • Two (2) certified traffic control persons required.
      • Applicant must maintain local accesses to all affected properties safely at all times.
      • PURPOSE:  Hoisting — Permission to occupy the right of way to facilitate 2.99T hoist of steel from flatbed into staging area.
    • Issued by the City of Toronto: Click here to reach City of Toronto Right of Way Permits