Saturday Work April 9. Outlook for the week of April 11th. 

Saturday, April 9th:

There will be a crew on site this Saturday conducting a variety of tasks mostly focused on preparing for next week’s work goals. 

Steel and concrete deliveries this coming week:

There will be steel (rebar) and concrete to the site this week, which will all take place within the site. These will not impact Lombard Street outside the site fence perimeter

The overall outlook for the week of April 11th:

Ongoing concrete work will be the main focus of the week, which includes, forming, placing steel (rebar), pouring and finishing. It is expected that this work will be accomplished within standard construction hours. Noting that finishing work on concrete slab sections may occasionally go into the evening if, and only if, it is necessary. 

Work on installing hoardings on Lombard Street may begin as soon as the middle of the coming week.

Work with Enbrdige on the final approval of the permanent natural gas connection of the site remains ongoing.