Hoarding installation set to get underway this week.

The overall outlook for the week of April 18th:

This week concrete work will be focussed on the vertical columns and walls, which includes, forming, placing steel (rebar), pouring the columns. We expect this work will be accomplished within standard construction hours. 

Work on installing hoardings on Lombard Street is now set to begin today, Monday April 18, and continue through the week. It is hoped that this will be completed by Friday, April 23.

Steel and concrete deliveries:

There will be steel (rebar) and concrete to the site this week, which will all take place within the site. These will not impact Lombard Street outside the site perimeter.

Looking Ahead:

A concrete pump will be installed on-site in the near future. We do not have a confirmed date for this yet but will post it as soon as we have it.