Impact of the LIUNA & Carpenters Union job actions continue. 

Week of May 9, 2022

LIUNA, the Laborers’ International Union, remains on strike this week. LIUNA covers workers who do high-rise forming, self-levelling forming, tile, railing, carpet, and hardwood installation. Now this week the Carpenters Union is also on strike. We also note that construction strikes are limited to a maximum of 6 weeks by law in Ontario. For now though, the impact of both strikes on construction activity at the Saint is significant. 

With both unions on strike, construction managers expect that in a couple of days, they will run out of tasks for the plumbers and electricians who have been working in the below grade areas of the site. 

As a result we will not be updating the construction information website until there is a change in the current job actions by these major construction unions.

We will post and circulate more information when circumstances change. 

Steel and concrete deliveries:

None for the time being.