Saturday Work at the Saint.  

Saturday June 4, 2022

Crews will be on site this Saturday, to take down the West Gate, the current gate into the site that is adjacent to Church Street.

This is being done to facilitate the installation of the interim hoarding strategy for Lombard Street, which will involve a system of rolling scaffolding that can be moved, as may be required, to accommodate concrete trucks making deliveries and/or larger flatbed trucks delivering steel (rebar) to the site. The rolling scaffolding can be moved into a tighter fit to the site, along a line consistent with the current fencing, when there are no deliveries and/or when the site is closed for the night or on weekends. 

We expect this rolling scaffolding system may be installed either early next week or on Saturday, June 11th.

NOTE: Minto Communities staff is working with the immediate neighbours, and the City to come up with a more long-term hoarding strategy for the site. We will be reporting on that as plans develop. 

Concrete Work + Steel & Concrete Deliveries set for next week:

Concrete work on the mezzanine level will continue through the week of June 6th. 

Regular concrete deliveries  and rebar (steel) deliveries are expected through the coming week. 

Paid Duty Officers will be on site as needed, along with traffic control staff, to assist with the safe movement of pedestrian and vehicle traffic.