The Construction Liasion Meeting is rescheduled to July 7. 

Update for the week:

We can confirm that the East Gate for the site is scheduled to be installed today. The East Gate, which will be the second gate entrance to the site and it will facilitate the efficient movement of trucks into and out from the site.

A Pedestrian/Vehicle study will commence this week, which will inform upcoming discussions with the community, the City, and the Councillor’s office, about the potential reorganization of pedestrian movement on Lombard Street and the possible installation of a new crosswalk on Lombard Street east of Church Street.

While we  still do not have confirmation on when the rolling scaffolding will be installed on Lombard Street to replace the current fencing, it is still planned to occur as soon as possible. Supply chain issues have affected the order of the scaffolding, so we expect the current fencing to remain in place for the time being.

Construction Liaison Meeting Rescheduled to Thursday, July 7.

As the the rolling scaffolding has yet to be installed on Lombard Street, and the Pedestrian Study for a possible new alignment of pedestrian movement on Lombard is only about to commence this week, we felt it was reasonable to reschedule to the planned June 23 Construction Liaison Meeting to a new date and time: Thursday, July 7 at 3 pm.

It is hoped that a more fulsome discussion will be possible on the 7th. We will, per discussion at the July 7, Construction Liaison Meeting, lead e open the possibility of having 1 or more follow-up meetings over the summer as may make sense.

REVISED: we will hold our next Construction Liaison meeting on Thursday, July 7 at 3 pm. If you would like an invitation to the meeting please email us at: