This week the main focus of work on the site will be completing the 2nd floor concrete slab floor.

Once that is done, work will begin on forming and pouring the vertical columns that rise from the 2nd floor slab.

This will mean that there are daily concrete deliveries and periodic deliveries of steel rebar.

As we’ve noted in recent posts, a pedestrian movement study is underway, that when completed will be reviewed and discussed with City of Toronto staff, the Councillors and local neighbours. The study is examining the feasibility of providing a crosswalk on Lombard east of Church Street, and closing the north pedestrian access along the construction site. The reason this is being looked into is to provide an improved access to the site with less disruption to traffic flows on Lombard. We will be posting updates about this study and its outcome in the coming weeks.


We will hold our next Construction Liaison meeting on Thursday, July 7 at 3 pm. If you would like an invitation to the meeting please email us at: