• Work on the 4th Level of the Saint progresses this week.

Construction highlights:

Vertical columns and walls are being formed and poured.

Concrete slab work is ongoing in stages and sections: forming, rebar installation, concrete pouring and finishing.

Deliveries will be ongoing through the week as needed:

  • Rebar (steel).
  • Concrete. 

We do not expect late evening work this week but if that changes we will post the information here on the website. 

As we noted previously, the rolling scaffolding has been in use and seems to be working well, with site crew traffic assistance, and Paid Duty Officers, as required. If you have questions or concerns about any impacts on pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic please get in touch with us at contact@thesaintconstruction.info.

    The next Construction Liaison Meeting will be held on Thursday, September 22, at 3 pm via ZOOM.

    If you would like a link to the meeting please email us at contact@thesaintconstruction.info.