This week at the Saint: Decking. Forming. Concrete Pours. 

This week at the Saint work will be focused on finishing building out the decking for the 4th floor, placing rebar (steel) into the forming structure, and then pouring Level 4 in sections. After each section is poured it will be finished to ensure it is level, smooth and sets properly. Finishing work may go into the late afternoon or early evening but it is not expected that work will go past 7 pm this week. 

The site crew is also starting to prepare for the installation of a construction hoist or external construction elevator. The hoist will have a concrete pad formed and poured to be the base of its frame. This will be done before any part of the hoist is brought to the site. 


REMINDER: Construction Liaison Meeting will be held on Thursday, September 22, at 3 pm via ZOOM.

If you would like a link to the meeting please email us at


FILMING NOTICE – September 27

We have received a notice of filming and road occupation on Lombard Street for Tuesday, September 27, with filming preparation work scheduled for Sunday to Monday on September 25 & 26. 

The construction management will endeavour to work around this filming work with as little additional disruption as possible.