Construction Liaison Meeting today. Update for Saturday …

REMINDER – Construction Liaison Meeting Today – November 24 at 3 pm via ZOOM

    Construction Update: 

    • The Saint is now connected to Enbridge natural gas services. 
    • Work for the remainder of the week is focussed on completing Level 6 and preparing for next week’s L7 concrete slab pour. 
    • Work is not expected to go past 7 pm for the balance of the week, but we do expect work to continue past the effective 5 pm sunset. 
    • There will be traffic staff and a paid duty Police Officer on site as required, to assist with traffic management. 

    Construction Activity Note:

    One of the recurring activities on site is “cracking forms.” This entails opening up the wood forms just that are used to encase concrete while it sets: cracking open the forms at the correct time, ensures the concrete does not stick to the wood but still sets correctly. 

    When forms are removed from the active floor the crane is used to lower them down to street level. If they are not to be reused, the forms will be loaded on a truck for removal from the site. 

    This Saturday – November 26:

    • While we do not have specific task details, we expect there will be a crew on site this coming Saturday. As usual we expect they will be doing a variety of tasks prepping for the week of November 21st. This can include general clean-up and housekeeping tasks as well as breaking apart forming around poured and set columns and walls. If required, crews may also be “cracking forms” on column or wall forms following any Friday column pours.