— Our first 2023 Update for the Saint. 

    Work this week at the Saint:

      • The 8th Floor slab is expected to be complete by Wednesday, January 4.
      • Work on the 9th floor is set to get underway by Thursday, January 5. 
      • Work on the 9th Floor will involve forming, then pouring vertical columns and walls. Slab floor work, forming, rebar installation, concrete pouring and concrete finishing. 
      • Truck deliveries will follow the pattern of work, with concrete deliveries to be expected daily, Monday through Friday, and rebar (steel) deliveries as needed for each phase of the Level 9 build out.
      • We expect there will be a crew on site on Saturday, January 7, conducting the usual mix of ‘Saturday Work’: 
        • Preparation work for the coming week. 
        • Interior work on the lower floors. 
        • General site housekeeping.
      The next Construction Liaison Meeting will be held on Thursday, January 26, at 3 pm, via Zoom. 

      Best Wishes for the New Year.