— Construction Liaison Meeting: Thursday, January 26, 3 pm.

    Saturday, January 21:

    • There willl be a crew on site tomorrow, Saturday, January 21, conducting the usual mix of ‘Saturday Work’: 
      • Preparation work for the coming week. 
      • Interior work on the lower floors. 
      • General site housekeeping.

    Work next week at the Saint:

      The focus of work from January 23 through January 27 will be completing the Level 9 concrete slab floor.

      This will involve some forming work, placement of rebar (steel), and then the pouring of the remaining sections of the slab floor. As per usual, concrete finishing will follow each completed section pour. 

      • Deliveries scheduled for the coming week
        • 2 rebar (steel) deliveries are expected at the site.
        • 2 concrete deliveries are scheduled as well. 

        REMINDER Construction Liaison Meeting  Janaury 26:

        • The next Construction Liaison Meeting will be held on Thursday, Janaury 26, at 3 pm via ZOOM.
        • If you would like a link to the meeting please email us at contact@thesaintconstruction.info