— Saturday crew set to work February 4th. 

    Despite the very cold weather today, February 3, there is a reduced crew on-site, conducting a variety of tasks throughout the building. 

    Saturday, February 4:

    • There will be a crew on site tomorrow conducting the usual mix of ‘Saturday Work’: 
      • Preparation work for the coming week. 
      • Interior work on the lower floors. 
      • General site housekeeping.

        Work next week at the Saint:

          • Continuing on with building out the 10th floor.  
            • Forming.
            • Rebar installation. 
            • Concrete pouring.
            • Concrete finishing.  
          • We expect 2 main rebar (steel) deliveries and 2 main concrete deliveries the coning week.
          • Interior work is ongoing on the lower floors.
          The next Construction Liaison Meeting will be held on Thursday, February 23, at 3 pm, via Zoom.