– The Saint’s first 10 floors have been structurally completed.

    Saturday Work at the Saint.


    Crews will be on site tomorrow, February 25. 

    Workers will be adjusting the east gate to provide for a more efficient traffic flow and safer operation. This will also involve extending a portion of the covered walkway east a few metres. 

    A small crew will be measuring and checking the hoists (external construction elevators) to ensure their accurate operation. 

    There will also be some workers on-site tomorrow, tasked with general housekeeping work. 


     We have been advised by our friends at IHG that this Saturday, February 25th there will be crane hoisting equipment on the Holiday Inn Express Toronto Downtown Hotel site from approximately 7 am through to 2 pm. This will have temporary impacts on Jarvis Street and Lombard Street. 


    Week of February 27: 


    The focus of the exterior work this week will be the 11th Floor concrete slab floor, forming, pouring and finishing it in sections.

    There will be crews working on the inside of the building in the lower floors, conducting a variety of early stage work in the units. 

    We expect two window deliveries this week, most likely on Tuesday and Thursday. These will arrive on a flatbed truck.

    We also expect two major concrete deliveries through the week and two rebar deliveries.

    Traffic staff and a Paid Duty Police Officer will be on site to manage traffic flows.


    Save the date:

    The next Construction Liaison Meeting
    will be held on Thursday,
    March 23, at 3 pm, via Zoom.