– Crane to be extended next week at the Saint.

    Saturday Work at the Saint.


    Crews may be on site tomorrow, March 4, as per weather conditions.

    Workers would be onsite to survey the elevator shafts. 

    There may also be some workers on-site doing general housekeeping work. 


    Construction Update & Highlights for the Week of March 6: 

    • The Level 11 slab floor is scheduled to be completed next week.

    • The revision of the Gate/overhead protection has been completed on Lombard Street and will be in operation in its new configuration.

    • Window installation started this past week, the Level 2 Curtain Wall has been completed. The aim is to finish Level 3 Curtain Wall by end of this week. Work will continue to install windows and curtain wall through the coming week.

    • Window-wall delivery will start at the end of next week, likely on Thursday, March 9 or Friday, March 10.

    • The Hoist (external construciton elevator) has been raised to Level 7. Once its inspection and approval is compelted it will begin operating, moving workers and materials, up and down from the 7th Floor.

    • The Crane will be extended next week as the building has increased in height.

    Traffic staff and a Paid Duty Police Officer will be on site to manage traffic flows.


    Save the date:

    The next Construction Liaison Meeting
    will be held on Thursday,
    March 23, at 3 pm, via Zoom.