– Crane to be extended this Saturday, March 11. 

    Saturday Work at the Saint.

    A work crew will be on site tomorrow, March 11, to extend the crane’s height in order to accommodate the growing height of the building. 

    There may also be some workers on-site doing general housekeeping work throughout the building. 


    Construction Update & Highlights for the Week of March 13: 

    • The Level 11 slab floor has been completed.
    • Begining the week of March 13th, work on the Level 12 slab floor will begin.
    • Punched windows are complete up to Level 6.
    • Installation of wrap around windows on Level 3 is set to start this coming week.
    • There will be deliveries of concrete and steel rebar this coming week.

    Traffic staff and a Paid Duty Police Officer will be on site to manage traffic flows.


    Save the date:

    The next Construction Liaison Meeting
    will be held on Thursday,
    March 23, at 3 pm, via Zoom.