Work at the Saint moving to the 13th Floor. 

    Concrete Update:

    Work on the 13th Floor concrete slab will be the major focus of exterior work for the balance of the week and through the first half of the following week. 

    This involves forming, setting rebar, pouring concrete and then finishing that poured concrete.

    Concrete and rebar deliveries will support this work. 

    Concerete finishing, as noted, will follow the pouring of concrete, and in some cases may stretch into the late afternoon or early evening.

    NOTE: We will provide an update on Friday regarding weekend activity, if there is any scheduled. 


    Other work this week:

    • Ongoing work on the Level 12 concrete slab.
    • Window installation continues between floors 4 and 6. 
    • The installation of interior corridor walls is set to begin in this coming month.
    • As windows are completed suite work will get underway, with initial work on intalling studs, installing electrical and plumbing. 


    • We expect a maximum of two (2) Window deliveries this coming week.
    • We expect a maximum of two (2) concrete deliveries this coming week.
    • There may also be a maximum of two (2) rebar (steel) deliveries. 

    If there are significant changes to planned construction activity, we will post and circulate an update during the week. 

    NOTE: Three (3) Traffic Management staff and one (1) Paid Duty Police Officer will be on site to manage traffic flows this coming week.


    April 2023

    The next Construction Liaison Meeting
    will be held on Thursday,
    April 27, at 3 pm, via Zoom.