Level 27 to be completed early next week. 

Saturday Work:

There will be a crew on this Saturday, September 16, carrying out a variety of tasks.

Outlook for September 18 – 22:

  • Crews will work to complete the concrete pouring & finishing for Level 27 this week.
  • Window installation is now active on Level 17.
  • Interior work ongoing throughout the lower floors of the building. 
  • The Hoist (external construction elevator) is operational to Level 23.

Deliveries for the week of September 18th: 

  • We expect up to one (1) to two (2) Window deliveries this week.
  • We expect up to three (3) to four (4) Concrete deliveries  this week.
  • We expect two (2) Steel (rebar) deliveries this week.
  • We expect two (2) drywall deliveries this week.
  • We expect two (2) carpentry deliveries this week

If there are significant changes to planned construction activity, we will post and circulate an update during the week. 

NOTE: Three (3) Traffic Management staff and one (1) Paid Duty Police Officer will be on site to manage traffic flows this coming week.

September 28 –
Construction Liaison Meeting

The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 28 at 3:00 pm, based on the response from our Doodle Poll

    If you have not been a regular attendee but are interested in attending please send us an email at contact@thesaintconstruction.info for a link to the meeting.