An update on crane lights & concrete finishing.

Crane Lights

Following recent concerns regarding the crane lights, Minto has had the construction team check the settings and positioning of the lights. After the review, all the lights on east, south, and west are facing down. The north is tilted upwards at 45 degrees, to cover the entire north slab. Unfortunately no further adjustments can be made without compromising worker safety. However, the crane lights will be turned off once any required evening work is completed. 

Concrete Finishing 

Cold weather affects the concrete work. Depending on the temperature, different mixes of aggregate are required to ensure the concrete sets. The temperature and the concrete mix also directly impact the time required to ‘finish’ the concrete, which is the final and a critical part of all continuous concrete pours.

Base temperature and windchill is difficult to predict with absolute accuracy, but effective temperature is a major factor in slowing down concrete finishing work. This is especially true as the Saint’s structure reaches higher floors. Historically speaking, above 10 degrees Celsius, crews were able to finish concrete usually before 9 pm. Below 10 degrees, crews may need to work as late as midnight. Below 0 degrees, crews may have to continue concrete finishing past midnight. These are approximate times. Every effort is made to complete concrete finishing as early as possible, without compromising safety and the integrity of the concrete.

Bottom Line: While concrete finishing is in progress, the crane lights must be on to ensure adequate visibility and safety. So, unfortunately, on colder evenings, the crane lights may need to be on after 9 pm and possibly to midnight or shortly thereafter. 

Our regular weekly construction update will be posted and circulated on Friday, November 3.

Construction Liaison Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 30, at 3:00 pm.

    If you have not been a regular attendee but are interested in attending please send us an email at for a link to the meeting.