Emergency Generator on Site thru Friday.

Emergency Generator

A power issue on the Saint construction site today has necessitated the installation of emergency generators. These may make more noise than is ideal. Minto will be working to address the underlying issue and hope to have it resolved by the end of the week. 
Minto apologizes for any inconvenience the additional generator noise may cause for the balance of the week. 

Crane Lights

Last weekend we had reports that the crane lights were left on over the weekend. Minto has determined this was due to human error. The relevant subcontractors have been spoken to. It should not occur again. 

Concrete Finishing 

As we noted in a recent post, cold weather affects the concrete work. As shared then, the active temperature requires different mixes of aggregate and different, most often longer, curing and setting times. This impacts the time required to ‘finish’ the concrete, which is the final and a critical part of all continuous concrete pours.

As the temperatures have lowered again, we are likiely going to have later working hours for concrete finishing. This also means the crane lights will stay on later to ensure the safety of the crews working on the top level of the building. 

Our regular weekly construction update will be posted and circulated on Friday, November 10.

Construction Liaison Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 30, at 3:00 pm.

    If you have not been a regular attendee but are interested in attending please send us an email at contact@thesaintconstruction.info for a link to the meeting.