The Saint will begin work on the 45th storey next week. 

Saturday Work

A crew will be on site this Saturday, February 10, doing a variety of tasks.


Current Construction  Status 

  • Concrete work on Level 44 is substantially complete today.
  • The Curtain Wall installation is complete to Level 27. 
  • Window Wall installation is complete to Level 26. 
  • The elevator components for the main interior elevators have been delivered.

This week’s construction outlook, Feb 12 – 16:

  • Concrete pouring for the Level 45 slab floor will be the focus of the week, with completion expected by Friday.
  • Curtain Wall window installation continues on Level 27
  • Window Wall window installation continues on Level 26.
  • Corridor stud installation will be active on Level 23.
  • Interior suite stud installation will be active on Levels 13 & 14.
  • Drywall is active on Levels 6 & 7.

Looking Ahead:

  • On the Saturday, February 17th and Saturday, February 24th (the next 2 Saturdays) Minto crews will be moving the outrigger platform higher on the tower. In order to safely accomplish this, short-term delays to traffic on Church Street will be necessary. A Paid Duty Officer will be on site on these two (2) Satrudays to assist with short-term traffic delays.

  • Toronto Hydro will be  switching the Saint power supply to its permanent setup. The main power line is already on site, so Minto does not expect there to be work that will have an impact on the street (closures or interruptions). However, the plans and schedules are being managed by Toronto Hydro, so Minto will not be in charge of this work. Toronto Hydro provided an “end of April” deadline for this work to be completed. Once we have more information we will provide appropriate updates. 


Deliveries the week of February 12th to 16th:

  • We expect up to three (3) Concrete deliveries this week.
  • We expect two (2) Steel (rebar) deliveries this week.
  • We expect one (1) or two (2) drywall deliveries this week.
  • We expect two (2) window deliveries this week.
  • There may also be one (1) carpentry delivery this week. 
  • There will be (3) Traffic Management staff and one (1) Paid Duty Police Officer will be on site to manage traffic flows this coming week.

A reminder about Concrete Finishing in cold weather.

This week is forecast to see a return of more typical winter temperatures, ranging from +2 to -8. As we have noted in the past posts, cold weather affects concrete work. Though not as severe as the last cold snap, this will also be true this coming week. The active temperature requires different mixes of aggregate and different, most often longer, curing and setting times. This impacts the time required to ‘finish’ the concrete, which is the final and a critical part of all continuous concrete pours.

On days when it is possible to have active concrete work, we can expect later working hours, which may extend to 11 pm, midnight or possibly later. However, if the wind is too strong and/or if there’s heavy snow, concrete work may be cancelled.

When there is late evening concrete finishing, the crane lights will stay on later to ensure the safety of the crews working on the top level of the building. To ensure the safety and feasibility of this critical work, the crane lights will stay on until the work is being completed, afterwards the crane lights will be turned off. 

February Construction Liaison Meeting

We have scheduled the next meeting for Thursday, February 22 at 3 pm. A ZOOM Link for the meeting will be sent to those on our list prior to the meeting.

    If you have not been a regular attendee but are interested in attending please send us an email at for a link to the meeting.