Preparation work for Level 48 ongoing through the week of March 11. 

Saturday Work

Crews will be on site Saturday, March 9, doing a variety of tasks to set up next week’s work plan.

Current Construction  Status 

  • Concrete work has been completed for Level 47.
  • The last residential floor of the building was Level 46, which has been completed.
  • The Curtain Wall installation is complete to Level 32. 
  • Window Wall installation is complete to Level 28. 
  • Minto crews have been cleaning up litter under the hoarding on Church Street.

This week’s construction outlook, March 11 – 15:

  • Preparation work for Level 48.
  • Curtain Wall window installation continues on Level 33
  • Window Wall window installation continues on Level 29.
  • Corridor stud installation will be active on Level 24.
  • Interior suite stud installation will be active on Level 16.
  • Drywall and carpentry work is active on lower floors of the building, below Level 20.
  • Kitchen Installation is set to start this coming week. Material deliveries for the kitchens will also get underway this coming week.

Looking Ahead:

  • As we have mentioned in previous updates, Toronto Hydro will be switching the Saint power supply to its permanent setup. The main power line is already on site, so Minto does not expect there to be work that will have an impact on the street (closures or interruptions). However, the plans and schedules are being managed by Toronto Hydro, so Minto will not be in charge of this work. Toronto Hydro provided an “end of April” deadline for this work to be completed. We still do not have a set date for this work to commence, but once we have the date we will share it.  


Crane Light Update

A new timer has been installed on the crane light. However, last weekend it was inadvertently switched to manual mode by a new crew of subcontractors. The manual option will be eliminated to hopefully avoid this problem.

The crane light turns on at the start of construction hours and is set to turn off no later than 9 pm. 

If concrete finishing is necessary past 9 pm, crews may keep the crane light on in order to work safely, and the automatic turn off time will be adjusted as required. 

March Construction Liaison Meeting

We have scheduled the next meeting for Thursday, March 28 at 3 pm.

Subsequent meetings will be held on these dates:

  • Apr 25, 2024 03:00 PM
  • May 23, 2024 03:00 PM
  • Jun 27, 2024 03:00 PM

A ZOOM Link for the meeting will be sent to those on our list prior to the meeting, during the week of March 25th.

If you have not been a regular attendee but are interested in attending please send us an email at for a link to the meeting.

Deliveries the week of March 11 – 15:

  • We expect up to three (3) Concrete deliveries this week.
  • We expect two (2) Steel (rebar) deliveries this week.
  • We expect one (1) or two (2) drywall deliveries this week.
  • We expect two (2) window deliveries this week.
  • We expect at least one (1) carpentry delivery this week. 
  • We expect at least one (1) kitchen material delivery this week. 
  • There will be (3) Traffic Management staff and one (1) Paid Duty Police Officer will be on site to manage traffic flows this coming week.