Yes dear readers, work on the roof level continues.  

Saturday Work

  • Once again, work crews will be on site Saturday, June 29, doing a variety of tasks to set up the following week’s work plan.

Canada Day – Site Closed 

  • The site will be closed on Monday July 1 for the Canada Day Holiday. 


  • The site now has access to its permanent power supply. 
  • The crane will remian in service on the site through July and August. 
  • Bell and Rogers will commence work on connecting the building to their services in the near future. Minimal disruption is expected, however rolling scaffolding and overhead protection will be in use to ensure their work is conducted efficiently and safely. 

This week’s construction outlook,
July 2 – July 5:

    • Roof concrete work ongoing.

    • Curtain wall on level 48.

    • Window wall on level 47.

    • Suite studs on 29.

    • Tile on Level 16.

    • Kitchens on Level 15.

    • Countertops on Level 12.

    • Drywall and carpentry ongoing.

    Deliveries the week of July 2 – 4:

    • Concrete deliveries, 1 – 2 this week, for the roof work. 

    • 1 – 2 drywall deliveries for this week.

    • 1 kitchen delivery.

    • 1 – 2 window deliveries.

    • 1 carpentry delivery.

    • 1 tile delivery.

    • 1 countertop delivery.


    • There will be (3) Traffic Management staff and one (1) Paid Duty Police Officer will be on site to manage traffic flows this coming week.

    Upcoming Construction Liaison Meetings


    The next regularly scheduled meeting is set for next week on Thursday, July 25, 2024, at 3:00 PM

    • The Link for the meeting will be sent to those on our list, two days prior to the meeting.
    • An August meeting will be discussed at the meeting of July 25th. If it is agreed to proceed with an August meeting, it would be held on Thursday, August 22nd.